Road-Trippin 101: Stops Along the Way

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Getting there is half the fun. I know some people like to race to their destination, but we’ve turned our time into a tradition. It wasn’t something we intended to do, but rather at the urging of two small boys who bored quickly at the thought of sitting in a car and playing games. Now that they’re older, it’s just become part of the trip. There’s a lot of interesting places along the way, but we’ve become creatures of habit.

Here’s some of the stops that have become traditions for my family…

  • Falls Park – Located in Sioux Falls, this used to be about 4 hours into our drive from the Twin Cities. It was always a favorite place to walk around and stretch the legs, not to mention the boys could burn some energy playing on the rocks. The ice cream at the Falls Overlook Cafe is always an added bonus. Just up the street from the park in Downtown Sioux Falls is the Sculpture Walk where sculptors from around the world have their art on display. Now I don’t think that anyone would classify teh boys as art aficionados, but they really like seeing the different sculptures, especially if they have something to do with wildlife or dogs.
  • Even though it’s just an hour down the road, Mitchell is usually the next stop, and I would call it a “just because” stop. A trip by the Corn Palace is pretty common for the clan and now the boys have added Cabela’s to the “we gotta stop” places. Enough hunting, fishing and camping stuf to keep the boys dreaming of the outdoors.
  • Chamberlain has turned into a double stop. The rest area right before you get to the Missouri River has a great view, plenty of room for the dog to run and a neat little museum to get you into the Old West pioneer spirit. Then it’s over the bridge and on to Al’s Oasis for 5 cent coffee and buffalo burgers.
  • Next stop is always Wall Drug. By now you’ve seen about 4 million signs urging you to stop and you just have to visit. There’s been so much written about Wall Drug that there probably isn’t too much more to add other than if you’re looking to get into that “we’re on vacation” mood, this is the place! There are a million different souvenirs and the ice water is free. Really classic Americana.

Here’s my first attempt at making a Google Map – Stops along the way

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