The Rut is On

by Wanda on November 20, 2009 · 0 comments

Man, I just love this time of year! And what a great November we have been having as far as the weather goes. Crops have really been starting to come out; which is great for the late season pheasant hunting, but also great for deer hunting.

The rut is certainly on, more now, than even in the last couple of weeks. Myself and others thought it even started earlier this year, especially since we had some very cool weather during October. But it is clear after watching two different bucks chase does out of the corn this morning on my way to work.

Last weekend was the opener of the West River Deer season for rifle. I was pretty successful in slaying a 5×7 muley with quite the mass. My buck was bedded down with two does when I spotted him. I got within 50-70 yards and shot once. I didn’t even realize the does were there until after I shot. Typically, from the times I have been out hunting or scouting, the does will give the buck away. They sat pretty tight this time though. And even came back a little while later looking for their guy 😉

Tomorrow begins the East River Deer season opener for rifle.  I know plenty of friends and family who are more than ready to get out and try their luck at a bigger buck than mine! Just teasing, but one thing is for sure that the bucks are out running around and many hunters are looking at a great season to harvest their first buck, a trophy for the wall, or even a couple does to fill their freezers.

Good luck fellow hunters! Be safe, wear orange, know your area and who you are hunting with or by, and know how to use your gun accurately.

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