An Inspirational Story from South Dakota to the World

by Katlyn Richter on December 14, 2010 · 0 comments

Ride with Larry is an inspirational documentary that puts a human face on the day-to-day fight against Parkinson’s disease. Larry Smith, a retired police captain, beloved small-town baker, and avid cyclist has had Parkinson’s disease for the last 20 years. This spring he will be followed by a camera crew as he bikes across South Dakota to raise awareness about the benefits of recumbent cycling and Parkinson’s.

Parkinson’s disease affects over a million and a half Americans and, although there is no cure for Parkinson’s yet, Larry doesn’t give up. He fights every day to live the best life he can and enriches the lives of everyone he touches. It’s his courage and tenacity that helps him battle Parkinson’s in the best possible way: staying active and positive.

Larry’s daily bike rides have had such an incredible impact on both his mind and body that he has decided it’s time to spread the message. Together with his family and community, Larry will push his limits and expand the boundary of possibilities for those with Parkinson’s disease as he rides across the state.

Each leg of Larry’s journey, through beautiful South Dakota, will be filmed for the documentary. Weaved amongst this narrative will be an intimate portrait of the everyday battle against Parkinson’s, the voice therapy, exercise routine, medications, treatments, and the community love that makes it all possible and worthwhile.

This documentary is being made because as filmmakers want to make a difference in the lives of those with Parkinson’s disease, family members, and caretakers. Beyond Parkinson’s disease, anyone facing a life altering illness can find inspiration in Ride with Larry. Join in on Larry’s ride, and follow updates about his journey.

Click here for a video and more about Ride with Larry. Please  help spread the message about his journey through South Dakota.

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