“Great Faces – Great Places”

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This is a lovely poem, shared by a woman who has been a resident of South Dakota for 82 years. How fun it is to share pieces like this…enjoy!

As Mt. Rushmore celebrates many a year,
It’s with a lot of gusto, festivities and cheer.
The Sunshine State* is such an amazing place.
It’s filled with joy, peace, love and space.
Where we have Great Faces and Great Places too,
The mines, the Badlands and the Great Plains Zoo.
As we look at this land we call our own,
The land of the pasque flower, that is our home.
We look at Spearfish Canyon, in its beauty so bright;
And as we drive through the Black Hills, what a wonderful sight!
And as our Presidents four come into our view,
The pine trees are nodding a greeting or two.
The trees seem to whisper to us a “Hello.”
As we enjoy Custer State Park, we actually glow.
The pheasants, ducks and geese make it a hunters paradise.
And the deer and the antelope that jump high as the skies.
The streams and lakes have more than their share,
And all types of fish are living there.
We are proud of our State and our Governor too;
Where the sun always shines and the sky is always blue.
What makes the faces in South Dakota so great?
It’s the friendliness we find in this great state.
And the Presidents four that are made of stone,
Will guard our State till we come Home.
So, it’s Great Faces and Great Places to be,
Vacation here and you’ll totally agree!


Poem by Erma Knutson of Webster, South Dakota.

*Quick South Dakota fact – In 1980, the motto, flag and nickname was changed to The Mount Rushmore State.

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