Badlands Astronomy Festival

by Katlyn Richter on May 15, 2014 · 0 comments

The Badlands is one of my hands down favorite places in South Dakota. There are plenty of places that I love, but what I enjoy the most about Badlands National Park is there is always a new place to discover. It really isn’t surprising that you can find something new each time as the park spans 244,000 acres! The rugged beauty of the park combined with the incredible feeling of being on another planet is thrilling.

When I heard the Badlands Astronomy Festival was returning, I knew it was something that everyone must know about. The festival will bring together space science professionals, amateur astronomers, South Dakota residents, and likely, many visitors from afar. The event is happening July 25-27. The celebration will take place over three days and with provide education programs and hands-on experiences.

To me, enjoying the night sky and celebrating the captivating beauty of our planet and the system above us in the Badlands is the perfect combination. Another cool thing about the festival is that it will not require any advance tickets or registration.

If you’re planning on being in South Dakota and near the area during this time frame, I would highly recommend checking this festival out – unless it’s completely down-pouring, I doubt you’ll be disappointed. On any given night in the Badlands, you can expect to see more than 7,500 stars – pretty spectacular – especially for visitors who may live in a large city and rarely see any stars at night!

For more information on the event, please visit their webpage.

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